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Mushroom Capsules for Immune Support

Boost your brain function and immune system naturally with our best-selling mushroom complex capsules. Each capsule contains a special blend of organic mushroom extracts formulated to support your most essential wellness needs. The combined effects of reishi, lion’s mane, and cordyceps powders can help support healthy immune and brain functions and promote focus and mental clarity in a safe, effective, and all-natural way.

  • Promote healthy immune system*
  • Support brain function*
  • Aid memory and focus*
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Quality You Can Trust

When we say natural, we mean natural. That is why all our products are made with the purest plant-based superfoods grown in nutrient rich soils free of chemicals and pesticides.

Mushroom Supplement Ingredients

Our proprietary mushroom complex formula is made with the purest herbal ingredients available today. All the ingredients in our products, including those in our mushroom supplements, have been independently tested to ensure the highest quality, safety, and purity standards.



Reishi is a mushroom with a long history of use in traditional Chinese medicine and other Asian cultures. It can help reduce symptoms of allergies, headaches, and inflammation. It is also used to manage fatigue, increase energy levels, and boost the immune system.


Lion's Mane

Lion's Mane is a type of mushroom that has been used in traditional medicine for centuries. Lion’s Mane mushrooms are often used to support brain function and cognition. It also has anti-inflammatory properties, which make it an effective option for certain types of pain.



Cordyceps are a type of fungus that is native to the Himalayas. They have long been used in traditional medicine to support respiratory health. In recent years, it has also become popular among athletes because of its ability to improve athletic performance and endurance during intense training sessions.

Full Ingredients: Organic reishi powder, organic lion's mane powder, organic cordyceps powder, maltodextrin, stearic acid, silicon dioxide

How to Use Mushroom Capsules for Immune System

For the best possible results, we recommend that you follow the suggested use on our product label. We also suggest that you consult with a healthcare professional if you are pregnant, nursing, or have a pre-existing condition.

Suggested use: Take 1 capsule daily as needed.

Mushroom Supplement Benefits

Promotes Healthy Immune System

Reishi may enhance immune health by stimulating white blood cell function. Additionally, lion’s mane may promote beneficial changes in gut bacteria that support overall immune system function.

Supports Brain Function

Lion’s mane mushrooms contain hericenones and erinacines, two compounds known to stimulate the growth of brain cells. At the same time, cordyceps has strong anti-inflammatory properties, which may support overall brain function and health.

Aids in Memory and Focus

Lion’s mane may boost mental functions related to memory and focus. Studies suggest that both lion’s mane and reishi may help protect against damage caused by plaque accumulation in the brain.

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We are confident you will love our products, which is why we offer a 100% money-back guarantee for your peace of mind. That means you can try any of our products risk-free without commitment. Making the switch to natural wellness has never been easier!

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews

Received this product about a week ago and I really enjoy it. I like the fact that they are transparent about ingredients and have a great customer service system in place.

Mental clarity

I was giving these about a month before I write my review and they've worked great for reducing my energy drink intake and for mental clarity.

Only good things.

Recently ordered this amazing MUSHROOM COMPLEX and started using it over the past few weeks... I read it would help strengthen my immune system and help me focus throughout the day. Only positive things since I began consuming these.

Study Buddy

Nothing kicks procrastination to the curb like this mushroom complex! I've been using it to study for my classes, and soon will be studying for a major exam.


I was feel tired after eating lunch and after doing some research felt these might help with that issue. I have been able to feel more focused after taking these.